Since 2013, our house has been a meeting point for those who believe in the collaborative culture and in the power of change that good ideas have. We are in a two-story house located in the heart of Vila Madalena, in São Paulo. Accessible for everyone and full of interesting neighbors.

sharing we go further

Come on foot, by bus, hitch hiking or even on the tandem. The doors are open, as long as the kitchen and the garden for those breathing breaks. Our specialty is to deliver a safe place for your talent. We walk through alternative paths for a more sustainable and plural world.

your project = our size

You may come alone or in a team. May pull a chair or get a room. Come daily or show up once in awhile. Have meetings with clients and partners or bring friends to introduce them. We are here in the ways of life, at the size and in the time you want.

the ground is fertile for
ideas and transformations

We are a fixed address for those who are moving. Moving from a career, from a style, from a former to a new life. Our highest satisfaction is seeing the house become small for your next plans. We are not an end station, we are a crossing point. Between the live for work and the work for live.

we serve well because
we understand who comes

Natural and legal persons are people before anything. We want you to make yourself comfortable in here. We have fruits, we have cake, we have tea at the end of the afternoon. There is good morning for good morning people and much empathy going on. Whoever is in a hurry find focus and silence. And coffee. There is always coffee.

inspiration lives next

Under the same roof, workers from the most diverse fields live a common journey. People who find possible bridges when meet up in here. Exchanging experiences, creating connections, sharing the knowledge they bring in the backpack. Because autonomy is an archipelago, not a lonely island.

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