More than sharing a workspace, coworking is a movement that has been changing the way we produce and relate with each other. It’s a more collective and sustainable proposal, where you, me and us find a new field to improve ourselves.

It's independence without isolation

People, companies, organizations that work independently while sharing similar values. The search is for that synergy which only happens when good ideas are in the same room. The result is a flux of networking and knowledge exchanging.

It’s a contemporary trend

Based on the changes that are going on in traditional working models and in people's lifestyle. Share producing means and produce with a deeper purpose than only the wage. These are principles that express themselves in many territories of today's world.

It’s reducing costs and increasing focus

Because managing an office is a burden. It takes time everyday and money each month. In a coworking space it is just seating and doing, without interruptions at anytime. People's energy is employed in the reason why the work exists. And there is flexibility in overhead costs, since you only pay for what you use.


It’s a new way of thinking

About how we work and the impacts we cause in the world. About the choices we can make to see what we believe become reality. About how we must coexist to continue existing.


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